Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another representative shows disdain for bar recommendations

Bill Janis, a Republican delegate from Glen Allen, expressed his disdain for bar recommendations in the judicial selection process. The delegate said that the "Charlottesville bar discriminates as an institution against prosecutors in its ratings process" and "The notion that the lawyers of the Charlottesville bar can pick who the next judge will be is like saying that the inmates get to pick the next warden." Hmmm. Mr. Janis must have had a bad experience in law school at UVA. Apparently, he's never practiced law (unless you count intern in the commonwealth's attorney office while a student). Another blow to the idea that more attorneys in the General Assembly will improve the judicial selection process. The process has always been political, it probably seems worse now because our communication era lets us know what happens all over the Commonwealth within a matter of minutes. I guess we're left with the thought that "at least we don't elect judges in Virginia."