Friday, February 16, 2007

General Assembly tidbits

This article contains some interesting tidbits regarding Delegate Wardrup's traffic ticket. According to the police, the delegate tried to invoke "legislative privilege" because he was due in Richmond the following day. Then later, after a summons was issued, he telephoned the police chief disputing the officer's recollection of events, telling the chief that he had recorded the event because "everything I do is recorded." I guess the police chief asked for the recording but the delegate said he'd have to wait because the recorder was at the repair shop. Huh?

Bacon's rebellion has another take on the conflict of interest matter involving Senators Norment and Stolle regarding eminent domain legislation.

I was reading several articles like this regarding a bill to ban illegal immigrants from receiving in-state tuition. Admittedly, I'm no expert, but first, how many of us knew that illegal immigrants could get accepted to and attend state colleges (supposedly at the expense of Virginia students)? Then second, how does the grant of in-state tuition square with the Virginia Code requirements on domicile? Our country welcomes those who want to come here for a better life, but doesn't it seem that law-abiding holders of visas, for example, have less rights than the illegal immigrants? Just asking, 'cause I don't know.