Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who did Tom Cruise portray in "A Few Good Men?"

We have been following the stories of the several U.S. Attorneys fired by the Bush administration under a little known clause in the Patriot Act. The Washington Post included this story of one of the fired attorneys fighting back. Reading the story, we were struck by this quote: "[David] Iglesias, 49 and the son of a Baptist minister, is a Navy Reserve commander whose role as a defense lawyer in a famous military hazing case was the basis for the Tom Cruise character in the movie 'A Few Good Men.'" For years, we have seen and heard the advertisements for Virginia Beach attorney Don Macari whose website claims that he "first gained national attention when his exploits as a young defense attorney with the U.S. Navy JAG Corp became the basis for the motion picture 'A Few Good Men.'" Who is the real Tom Cruise? Inquiring minds want to know.