Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wren Cross dispute gets curiouser and curiouser

This article states that a W&M alumnus, disciplined here and here and elsewhere by the Virginia State Bar, has filed suit against the College of William and Mary because he not only wants the Cross returned permanently to the Wren Chapel, but he also wants the Chapel open the same hours as the school's library. From this perspective, its seems that Gene Nichol has been an effective President and welcome addition to William and Mary. It is incredibly ironic that his decision, which he says was to make the Wren Chapel more inclusive to people of all faiths, has instead caused such divisiveness. This site touts A Movement to Defend and Honor William & Mary’s History but elsewhere it says that the Wren Chapel became part of W&M in 1723 and had no cross on permanent display until about 1940 when the local Bruton Parish Church gave the Cross to W&M because the church had obtained a new cross. Wonder how many individuals, Christian or otherwise, attend religious services at the Wren Chapel. In any case, the controversy does not diminish in any way the spirituality that embraces a person entering the Chapel.