Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blast from the past

With this announcement that he's running for delegate, Joe Morrissey is back. Morrissey is seeking the seat vacated by Del. A. Donald McEachin. Morrissey stated that he's not the same man he was five years ago, and that he's learned from his trials and tribulations. You decide if that's true. Since losing his license to practice law in Virginia, Morrissey lived in Ireland, and then later Australia. In Australia, Morrissey became the "first mentor appointed to help the state's 100 Crown prosecutors improve their trial advocacy, until the Australian senior prosecutor learned, in April 2005, of Morrissey's past disciplinary actions in Virginia. Seems that Mr. Morrissey didn't advise the authorities of the "disbarments." Last year, Morrissey petitioned for a license to practice law in Australia, but was denied by the Australian Supreme Court. The Court determined that "Morrissey was not a fit and proper person to practise law" and "his deception [of failing to reveal his past disciplinary actions] had been gross breaches of obligations and trust."