Thursday, May 10, 2007

Even more information and update on the $65 million pants

47 page pre-trial order courtesy of Ben Glass
American Association of Justice request for bar investigation.
Today's Washington Post contains an update, stating that Roy Pearson's term as a judge has expired, but that he is still on the DC payroll and has been recommended for reappointment to another 10-year term. For his part, although Pearson has declined interview requests, he emailed the Post reporter these comments: the case "has little to do with lost suit pants." The "signs posted at the cleaners: 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' and 'Same Day Service,' [contained] promises that . . . were misleading. I hope you will attend the trial and see how little of the damages sought and awarded there have anything to do with suit pants." Clearly, outrage from his profession and from the entire civilized world has not deterred him one bit. This case has become the poster child for bad lawyer behavior and must be sanctioned severely at every conceivable level: trial court, bar licensing, and the city.