Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nobody wants credit for civil remedial fees, even the bill's patron

Roscoe Reynolds was the patron of the now controversial bill that imposed the civil remedial fees on top of fines, court costs and other charges for certain traffic offenses. In this article, Senator Reynolds said that he "can foresee serious potential problems with the new law." He added that "Those consequences are that people will lose their licenses because they cannot pay the large fines, be forced to drive anyway because they must work and then end up in jail, where they will become an additional drain on taxpayers." He didn't say that he was the patron of the bill that passed. What is missing from this entire discussion is somebody from the General Assembly standing up to say, "Yeah, I voted for that bill because its a good law, and I'm proud I did it." They are hoping it goes away, like it usually does.