Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vick and dogfighting

We have resisted posting anything on the Michael Vick-Surry dogfighting investigation (as of today, 403,000 Google hits). The breathless coverage surpasses the Paris Hilton return-to-jail, at least locally. Since the story broke in April, the Daily Press has 34 articles on the subject, including several banner headlines. Surry Commonwealth's Attorney Gerald Poindexter recently lashed out at the federal probe (that's right, federal probe) of the dogfighting allegations. In a humorous exchange, Poindexter noted that "he has had little contact with federal authorities" and "when asked whether federal officials have kept him in the loop, he said: 'What loop?'"However, one day later, Mr. Poindexter backpedaled a bit stating that "We think that we will continue our parallel investigations and cooperate with each other." Maybe Michael Vick will be indicted, who knows, but this story has had no "news" since day 1: "Michael Vick owns a house in Surry where his cousin lived and where police are investigating whether the property was the site of a dogfighting operation."