Thursday, July 19, 2007

Northern Virginia Transportation Authority files suit to establish its validity to raise taxes

Lost amongst the uproar of the wrongheaded civil remedial fees is the General Assembly's broad delegation of authority to regional transportation authorities. While the General Assembly contemplates a special session to review the civil remedial fees, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority has filed this Complaint in the Arlington Circuit Court seeking "judicial authority for the validity" of the various powers delegated to the Authority. The most egregious power granted to the regional authorities is the power "To decide and vote to impose certain fees and taxes authorized under law for imposition or assessment by the Authority, provided that any such fee or tax assessed or imposed is assessed or imposed in all counties and cities embraced by the Authority." Therefore, members of the General Assembly can continue to maintain a "no tax" policy with somewhat of a straight face, because the legislature delegated that authority to several regional authorities composed of unelected board members.