Saturday, February 17, 2007


For the impending judicial vacancy in the York-Poquson General District Court, the York-Poquoson Bar Association endorsed York Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Benjamin Hahn. Notwithstanding, the conventional wisdom is that Williamsburg/James City Commonwealth's Attorney Mike McGinty will receive the appointment.

Delegate Leo Wardrup keeps talking and the story keeps getting stranger. As previously posted, the delegate received a traffic ticket for running a red light and causing an accident. Thereafter, the Virginia Beach police chief alleged that the delegate invoked "legislative privilege" in an attempt to avoid a ticket. Afterwards, the police chief alleged that the delegate telephoned the police chief, disputed the officer's recollection of events, told the chief that he had recorded the event because "everything I do is recorded," but added that the recorder was at the repair shop with the tape inside. In today's saga, the delegate "accused the Virginia Beach Police Department of trying to discredit him." He clarified his story, claiming that he didn't mean that the recorder was being repaired, he "meant that his car was being repaired, and that the recorder was in the car." He further explained that he no longer has the exculpatory tape recording because he "put the tape in a drawer with dozens of others and may have inadvertently recorded over it." Hmmmm.