Friday, March 16, 2007

Juror comments to remember

Not often (ever?) do we get to represent a multi-millionaire like Conrad Black in a criminal fraud trial, but this article highlights some difficulties you may have with the jury pool. The question to the jurors was "Do you think there is anything wrong with individuals being paid a salary of tens of millions of dollars?" An excellent question for the defense, especially in a fraud case, and some of the answers were telling: “No one just receives that much out of the blue for nothing;” “Yes, they probably stole the money;” and “When I hear tens of millions of dollars, I shudder.” Another twist is that Mr. Black was born Canadian (even though he became a British citizen to hold the title in the British House of Lords as "Lord Black of Crossharbour"), and the jurors were even more nonplussed: “they are anti-union;” and "Socialist country.” I guess the jurors have forgotten those lovable imports from The Great White North, eh?