Monday, June 18, 2007

Regent Law School profile

This article in the Virginian Pilot provides a balanced profile of Regent Law School. The school came under a barrage of insults during the Monica Goodling controversy, and to the school's credit, it did not counterattack or defensively whine, but, as "Dean Jeffrey Brauch said of the critics: 'My reaction has been, I wish they could see the real law school.'" The article provides a balanced look at the school and its evolution. The bar pass rate has increased, selectivity of students has increased, and the quality of graduates has increased. As a graduate of one of the more historically correct Virginia law schools, it seems that every "new" law school in Virginia has been denigrated at first (like George Mason Law School until about 15 years ago). We have had Regent law grads opposing us in a few cases and they have been fine attorneys. Regent Law School is not going away, and we should encourage the continued improvement of the school so that the students who graduate contribute to the tradition of excellence for Virginia attorneys.